Thursday, May 22, 2008

Right Again

To quote Ian Malcolm, "Boy, do I hate being right all the time!"

It would seem, that exactly as I have been saying for years, the world as a whole is safer from Terrorist Attacks than it was before the War on Terror.

It would seem, that contrary to the line put forth by the Democrats in Congress and the Media, the Terrorist Attacks in Iraq are driving more and more people into our camp in Iraq. There are a few reasons why this is happening.

First: Suicide Bombing is Counter-Productive because it results in lower numbers of warriors you have to fight with. Traditional wisdom among rebel groups has always been that so long as you do not lose a battle, it is okay for your opponent to win. Why? Because, by withdrawing and moving in to fight another day, you keep up the number of potential warriors to fight another day. So, by sending out your people to kill themselves and try to take out your enemies, you begin to lose the war of attrition.

Second: Contrary to the Popular-Belief in many intellectual circles that terrorist attacks on "Collaborators" will result in less collaborators, by constantly attacking fellow Muslims, Water Stations, Power Stations, Markets, etc., while the "Infidels" risk their lives to defend you, provide you with water and power and a responsive government, the Terrorists are causing more and more people to move into the Double-Thinking and Dissention Brackets. Every such person is one less Terrorist that Al-Qaeda can use against their enemies in the future.

Third: Iraq has become the largest trap in Military History. We have Essentially turned Iraq into the largest Trap in the Military History. The best trained, best equipped, best funded military in the world is facing off against a rag-tag force of poorly trained, poorly equipped people trying to get themselves killed and take as many of their enemies as they can.

This Dichotomy has resulted in an estimated 22,000 casualties and 44,000 detainees out of a total estimated number of 131,000. This results in a total incapacitated number of 50%. A significant number.

Alternatively, the Coalition has had 16,000 casualties, 10,000 of them Iraqi's trying to protect their nation, out of 300,000 Coalition Forces (0.014% casualties among Coalition Forces), 182,000 Private Contractors (0.005% Casualties), 407,000 Iraqi Police and Army (0.025% Casulaties), and 80,000 Members of the Awakening Councils (0.005% Casualties)

This is a significant number, and should be trumpeted to high heights.

Now, while the stats artificially are spiked because of the war in Iraq, Globally, there has been a 40% decrease in terrorist Activites since 2001.

Please look Here for more info on this.

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