Friday, November 7, 2008

Russian Aggression in a New World

well people, it would seem that Putin and his fellow KGB are preparing to start another Cold War. I have been warnign people about this for a while now, but no one wanted to listen. And now, Medvedev, the Puppet that Putin put into power until he regains the Presidency in the next election, is moving missiles towards the border with the Ukraine.

NATO, you need to move quickly if you are going to bring Georgia and the Ukraine into the fold, because the forces of the CIS might strike before you can do so. If my gut is right on this, and it is often enough that I pay attention to it, that bomb blast in North Ossetia on thursday the 6th was planned.

Why do I say that? For the same reason that I say that the war in Georgia was planned, back during the Olympics.

If you will recall, the day or so before the conflict flared up into an international crisis, there where mortar attacks from South Ossetia into the rest of Georgia. Odd that this came on the heals of Saakashvili trying to negotiate with the leaders of the South Ossetian Autonomist Groups, but I digress.

The war was started, by the forces of South Ossetia, in their attempts to break away from Georgia. Not long after, in fact, far too soon to get the forces over the Ural Mountains on short notice, Russian ground troops came across the borders of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and began to shoot up the cities.

Among these units was the infamous Vostok Brigade, best known as the Thugs of Chechya, entered South Ossetia, and sacked and pillaged anythign in their way.

To this day, some of the Georgian territory that was occupied by the Russian Bear is still not back under the control of Georgia.

And now, you have Russia doing everythign it can to try and intimidate the American Government.

Russian Blackjack Bombers, and the Cruise Missile Carrier, the Battlecruiser Peter the Great, are both currently stationed in the Gulf.

Now, why is the presence of a single Battlecruiser worrisome? Because of Soviet Tactica that the Kirov Class Battlecruiser was designed for.

Durign World War II, the Japanese discovered the primary weakness of the US Carrier Fleets. Fast moving guided objects determined to crash into a ship can penetrate the Air Defenses of the ships and deal serious damage.

Soviet Naval Vessels where built (and Putin with his dreams of a KGB'ocracy seems to be following the pattern) to be able to unleash massive hoardes of supersonic cruise missiles that would smash into enemy vessels from over the Horizon.

One Kriov, with it's Nuclear Arsenal, can wipe out the American Atlantic Fleet in a matter of moments, and leave our East Coast vulnerable to Russian Boomers.

And now, the boys with the high-foreheads over in Moscow have decided to move it's Iskander missiles to the Polish Border should the US continue to build it's Missile Defense Shield there.

The Iskander missile is a short ranged quasiballistic missile that the Russians launch from TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher) trucks. This grants the system vast amounts of mobility, especially compared to other missile launch systems with similar payloads.

For the record, the Iskander is a non-Nuclear missile. It is designed for conventional wars, and cannot be re-purposed as the system is built in one piece. However, it can still rain havoc upon the people of Poland and the Ukraine should this new Cold War turn Hot.

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