Monday, November 5, 2007

Fear Societies in the Modern Age

We are currently facing a flood of “Rouge Nations.” These nations refuse to go along with the International Community, and are currently funding those who wish to harm the United States. We are their target, because we have failed to roll over and play dead for them, and thus they can make their people afraid of the “Great Satan.” The tactic being used by these Fear Societies is not an old one. Targeting the United States as the enemy was used by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the most powerful Fear Society in the history of the world, as a way to keep their people in line. The nations who are currently targeting us are Fear Societies, ones where the people cannot express their views in the public square without fear of Government Reprisal, who are targeting us to keep their people in line.

In his seminal work, The Case For Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny & Terror, Natan Sharansky described the fall of the Soviet Union as it was seen from the inside. He described the Soviet Union as a house full of termites. Though it appears strong on the outside, the more time that passed, the more that the termites of Double-Thought and Dissent where able to eat out the supports of the society. By the time that Reagan came to power, the Soviet Union was a house of rotten wood. The only thing that could save the Soviets would have been another Carter Administration, as the Concessionary style of the Carter Administration did more than anything else to prop-up the failing civilization.

However, in contrast, the Reagan Administration took a different strain. Unlike the concessionary administrations before him, Reagan felt that the best way to deal with the Soviet Union was to try and force them to collapse in upon themselves. President Reagan used the power of our own Freedom to show the lie to the Soviet claims of dominance. The lynchpin for this was the often-mocked Strategic Defense Initiative, better known by its Lucasfilm inspired nickname of Star Wars.

As we began to plan the system, the administration used clever leaks to make sure that the Soviet Government knew that we could launch the system if we so chose. Suddenly, the rules had changed. Mutually Assured Destruction was no longer assured, and the Soviets realized that, having placed their greatest minds in the so-called Scientific Gulags, and subjugating them to constant purges, they had made it such that their best talent was far behind our own.

This was the final key to breaking the “Republics” that had been starving under Stalin’s rule, and formed the Keystone in the arch that had been formed via sanctions and refusals of trade.

Now, we face a plethora of rouge states that wish to maintain their control over their people. In Pakistan, Islamo-Facists attacked the convoy of Benazir Bhutto, the first female Prime Minister in a Muslim nation, due to the fear that she could cause their Shariah dominated regimes to falter. All across the Middle East, True Believers from the Rouge States we oppose, and Dissenters from the ones we support swarm into the battleground of Democracy, seeking to prevent the weed from spreading out of Iraq.

They target us because their governments have decided to blame us for their problems. We are the safety valve for these dictators, who know that without that external enemy, the populace would turn on them, and remove them from power. But, with the Free World as a target, the disgruntled masses turn their attention on us, attacking our people instead of those who are truly oppressing them.

If we wish to see true Peace in the Middle East, then only a Democratic Middle East will do. It has long been noted, that democracies do not go to war against one another. This is do to the fact that the people of a Democracy prefer peace, and have a way to remove the Belligerent Government from power. In a Fear Society, the Government has no such fear, as they control the populace through the fear of reprisal. In support of this, Natan Sharansky was quoted as saying that a nation that does not respect the rights of its citizens will not respect the rights of its neighbors.

But, how do we achieve this? How is it possible to achieve a Free Society in a region dominated by Fear and Fascism? It is simple; we must force them to compete with the United States and other Free Societies on an equal footing. If we wish to do this, we must stop supporting and propping up these regimes, and at the same time send support, both financial and material, to protestors within the nation.

If the governments decide to crackdown, then we do our own cracking down, and stop the flow of funds to those governments. As the governments visibly weaken in the eyes of their people, more and more Dissidents rise to prominence, and more and more Double-Thinkers become Dissidents. As this happens, the people will eventually tear down the old regime and put up a new one in its place. As they tear it down, the United States can step in and direct them into a Democracy.

So, how can the United States stop these Rouge States? We must do everything we can to support the Dissidents within them, and we must do so quickly. Only when the whole world is a democracy can we stop the growth of Rouge States, and bring about a time of world peace.

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