Tuesday, February 26, 2008

China's Conspiracy Theory

The USS Lake Erie is a very cool ship. It is the US Navy's primary Missile Defense Ship, and has been used for the testing of all of our sea-borne Missile Defense Tests. For those who don't know, the USS Lake Erie is a Ticonderoga class Guided Missile Cruiser, designated the CG-70 under the modern Hull Classification Symbol system. Based out of Pearl Harbor, she was recently called upon when USA-193, a KH-13 Spy Sattelite, launched by the National Reconnasaince Office as NROL-21, or L-21. This sattelite, containing a full load of Hydrazine fuel, the standard fuel for space craft due to its low weight and high-efficiency, that it was feared, would not burn up upon re-entry.

Now, we need to discuss Re-entry first. During re-entry, friction with the atmosphere creates a large amount of plasma and hear that builds up. However, the faster an object is going, the more likely that object is to survive re-entry. Why? Because the Burn-Up layer is thin, and the faster you pass through it, the less time you have to burn. Angle of descent also plays into it. The steeper the angle, the less likely it is to burn up.

So as this spy bird was coming in, its angle and speed where such that the Hydrazine would not burn up.

Thus, the Lake Erie was called in to do its job. And a mighty fine job it was.

However, the Chinese and Russian governments have come up with alternate theories. They claim that it was an A-Sat, or Anti-Satellite Weapons, test. According to the new Conspiracy Theory, it was an intentional shoot down of a dummy that was purposefully placed into a bad orbit to give the Government an excuse to test out A-Sats.

Too bad that this comes after China's own A-SAT Test, and Russia's recent claims that the ABM Bases are designed as a threat to the sovereignity of the Russian Federation of the KGB.

Sorry Vlad, Hu, but your combined credibilities right now wouldn't fill my girlfriend's smallest purse, what with your recent civil rights smack downs. Try again when you become credible. You might be able to reach people out side of the cook fringe's fringe. You might reach the entirety of the cook fringe.

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