Saturday, September 15, 2007

Calling out Sir Knightly

Sorry buddy, but you are wrong in this issue. Saddam Hussein DID have WMD's, and had the capabilities to use them.


1. We found Mobile Weapons Labs in Iraq that had been used for the sole purpose of continuing the manufacture of Chemical Weapons

2. The United States gave, GAVE, Saddam Hussein a large amount of WMD's, mainly chemical weapons, but a few biological ones as well.

3. Based on the amounts that we gave him, the amounts that he used in his various atrocities, and the Mustard and Sarin gas shells discovered back in 2004, the tally comes up short. Way too short to be qualified as coming from corroded shells and payloads.

4. Earlier this year, terrorists blew themselves up in Iraq and used Chlorine Gas that some have claimed came from the United States, stockpiles that we gave to Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war.

5. In his infamous Nerve Gas Atrocity, Saddam used VX Nerve gas to massacre 5,000 Kurds. As far as I can tell so far, we didn't give him VX Nerve Gas.

6. Saddam had sent people to Niger to open up under-the-table talks to open up trade. Niger exports 3 things, Uranium (79.6%), Live Animals (11.1%), and Beverages and Tobacco (4.7%).

Iraq, during Saddam's Time, had no problems with raising the last two.

7. In fact, several generals have claimed that in 2002, worried that we were going to invade over the, transported the materials to Syria for safekeeping. Interesting that it is a FORMER IRAQI GENERAL.

8. Now, while I agree that the Liberal style spending sickens me, and I feel that Bush should have used his veto power to slow it down, from what I have seen, Greenspan has not provided evidence for this claim. I will have to look at this later, but right now, I am going to take Bush at face value on this issue.

9. Saddam actually had extensive terrorist ties. In fact, he was a major financier of Terror Organizations, and while they might not have agreed on most things in this war, Saddam recognized that he needed a foreign enemy to continue to support his Fear Society, so he payed to compensate the families of Suicide Bombers who died attacking American Targets.


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I've responded to this post, it's at the usual link (Hope for Humanity.)

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