Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Peace Through Firepower

There is a picture posted upon my Foreign Policy Blog that is well worth paying attention to. In it, Theodore Roosevelt, dressed as a Police Officer, swings his "Big Stick" in a circle, as the world comes to him with their complaints.

That is how it should be. And that is what I suggest.

During Teddy's Administration, only one group dared to attack the United States, and after a company of Marines marched in and turned our Embassy in Turkey into an Armed Camp, they backed down, and came to us with their complaints on bended knee.

Other nations, learning from this, came to the United States with heir complaints. And, so long as they where valid, Roosevelt paid attention to what the people said and did what he could to fix the problem.

That is the definition of Peace Through Firepower. You rise to the state of Superpower, and you use that power only when necessary to defend yourself and the sovereignty of other nations. And, at the same time, listening to the complaints that people bring you, and judge them fairly. Those who come to you with true complaints, you do what you can to fix them.

After all, a giant man makes giant mistakes.

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