Saturday, September 15, 2007

The War, and Why we must Stay Part II

Well, My friend over at Where's th Humanity has posted the next part in his response, and seeing as you are either reading my Foreign Policy or my Military/Defense Blog, then this is the place where you can find my response.

19. I could not agree with you more on this point. Under the theory of Free Trade, every nation in the marketplace deserves to receive equal treatment in the market place unless they are being sanctioned for the purpose of reversing some heinous crime. Therefore, the United States should be bidding for that oil alongside everyone else, and should NOT be receiving any added benefits of this war.

We entered there to remove a genocidal despot who had used VX nerve gas on his own people, and who was hiding his Chemical Weapons Laboratories in trucks that where roaming Baghdad's streets. We went into Iraq for the purpose of creating a democracy in the Middle East, and creating stability in the region. We have partially succeeded, but this discount oil thing is a scheme from Hell and should be stopped.

20. Then lets try and put this into the hands of the marketplace. If a government is failing to do something this vital, then we should try to find someone else who will be able to do it, and the only place to look right now is the marketplace.

21. Apologize to the people we have hurt, yes. But not everybody is so innocent. Many, if not most, of the people we have captured in Iraq are foreign terrorists who came into Iraq because some sheik said it was the new battleground of the "Holy Jihad." Most of the people we are fighting against are members of a brainwashing cult that has been raising them since birth to believe that America is the "Great Satan" and the they should "Martyr themselves" to deal us a blow.

As for the world, I have to answers to that. 1. We have been flipping the world the bird since our birth in 1776, and 2. when we went in, we were very vocal about the fact that we were enforcing the UN resolution 1441, which stated un-equivocally that if the UN did not see real step toward Disarmament, then the members of the Security Council had the full rights to go in, disarm the nation, and remove Saddam Hussein from Power. We where within our full and legal rights goign into this war.

More on the Mobile Weapons labs, WMD's, and the Nerve Gas Atrocity on Arming Liberty tomorrow.

And, in relation to what Sir Knightly said about Bush's address, lets look at what he was saying from the beginning of the Surge.

1. This was going to be a large, short-term surge in troop levels that would result in higher amounts of troops in the long term than pre-surge levels

2. The Surge was designed to show the forces of Fear and Tyranny in Iraq that we have the ability to swamp them with our forces

3. The Surge is meant to be the first step to fully ensuring the democracy and freedom of the region.

Right now, the terrorists are flooding into Iraq because their Sheiks recognize one very important thing. IF Iraq "Falls" into the hands of Freedom, then the control of the current Islamo-Fascist governments across the Middle East will also collapse, and the major source of instability, the very governments of the Middle East themselves, will be no more, replaced with Democracies, where the people can come and petition the governments about their grievances, and do have to resort to indiscriminant bombings to make their voices heard.

While the "Occupation" may cause a short term spike in the number of deaths around the Middle East, a precipitous withdrawal would create a large slope of casualties as first Iraq, and then its neighbors fell into Anarchy.

Please, give long term peace a chance.

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Sir Knightly said...

I like your first comment about us flipping off the world since 1776. Our foreign policy, really forever has been "F-you, we'll do what we want" but then at the same time we're trying to make everyone happy.