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The War, and Why we must stay (Re-posted from Climate Heretic)

Recently, a friend and fellow Boy Scout posted a four part story about withdrawing from the Iraq War over at However, as I disagree with him about the withdrawal, I will explain why we CAN NOT leave, and the ramifications of doing so. Sorry man, but these things need to be said.

I will say that I agree with him on one major point. That it is the right of the Iraqi people to govern themselves. However, at the same time, we have to understand that for them to maintain that right, the United States MUST stay in Iraq.

My colleague has argued that the concept of Democracy is an Alien one to the people of the Middle East outside of Israel. To this I must disagree.

Currently, Saudi Arabia is one of the largest sources of Terrorists and fighters in Iraq. Why is this? Why is it that a Dictatorial Regime that we are propping up is responsible for the most rouge fighters in the central battleground of the War on Terror?

Oh wait, I answered my own question. The reason that most of these people come from Saudi Arabia is because it is one of a very small number of Fear Societies that the US is propping up. The more we do so, the more of an enemy we seem to the people of that nation. The best thing we can do in that situation is to begin to press for freedom and democracy within the nation. Though we are dependent on Saudi Oil, Saudi Arabia is dependent on American Gasoline. And all we have to do is begin to put pressure on them economically, and the terrorists begin to lose.

Now, onto his points.
1: Staying in Iraq is, sadly, the only option: This is because as of right this moment, the Iraqi people are not ready to take over all of their defense priorities themselves. While the British have had some successes in and around their areas, the US is a major player, and a higher priority in this war. Also, currently, the fact that American Soldiers are there is one of the few things that have gotten the Sheiks of Al-Anbar province to turn on Al-Qaeda, who have been acting out of Al-Anbar since they first moved in. If we leave, then Iraq will descend into a level of anarchy not seen since Mogadishu. While we might not be a Stabilizing Presence, we have at least consolidated Iraq into two main camps. Those who support freedom, and those who are seeking political power.

Also, contrary to what Sir Knightly would have you believe, there have always been Terrorists in Iraq. Many Terrorists have used the nation as a staging and training ground. Also, while Saddam might not have had a direct role in the attacks six years ago Tuesday, the 9/11 Commission did find evidence of Saddam funneling money into terrorist groups and hiring terrorists to go and try to assassinate three different presidents. In fact, when Clinton bombed Baghdad, he did so with intel that said that bin Laden was in the city. Sadly, he failed in so very many ways over the years when it comes to Terrorism.

And no, the Terrorists are not on the side of the Iraqi's. Many claims have been made otherwise, but it is not true. If the Terrorists win, we will see a massive death toll as the civilization collapses in a way that would make Post-War Vietnam look like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Once we are gone, the Mahdi Army, Al-Qaeda, the Northern Alliance, every single faction will fight against each other to gain dominance, and we will see either a second Afghanistan or a second Somalia. Neither of which bodes well for the United States, as both have been used by Al-Qaeda forces, and bodes even worse for the people as they are subjected to either the deathly restrictive Shariah Law or Institutionalized Anarchy. This is the lesson of History.

2: Currently, the United States is acting ONLY in conjunction with Iraqi Forces or at the request/permission of its government. Ever since the Iraqi Government has been set up, the United States Army and United States Marine Corps have moved into a support role, and only acting with the express permission of the government. In the rare occasions where independent action is necessary, the Iraqi Government has given them the go ahead and not done anything.

Only Logistics Missions, such as delivering blankets and food, or Engineering Missions, mainly building soccer fields for the kids and adults, are done independently, and that is because they are not Combat Missions. Even Convoy Duty is being done in Conjunction with Iraqi Forces.

3: He mentions the ethnic and cultural divides in the nation, ones created by Great Britain following WWI, when they carved up the Middle East. Thus proving that there is nothing more dangerous than a Bureaucrat or a Politician with a Pencil and a Map.

As for the Police Force, we are, as we speak, building just such a force. However, these are popular targets by the Terrorists as the uniforms allow them to move around without hassle. And the problem is not the ethnic divide, but rather the lack of outreach by the government to the minority Shi'ite and Kurd populations.

4: NO! the people caught in arms in Iraq and sent to Club Gitmo where caught in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions, and have been housed in the Island because if released, they would attack the United States and seek to replace the Government in Iraq with a Fear Society.

5: Portal Iraq is a little known website that serves as the English-Language Newswire for Iraq. It is mainly the economic side of the situation, but sometimes speaks on security.

Reading the website and its stories, I have come to a different conclusion. One of the main reasons that the ambitious, though accessible plans for reconstruction have not been met is because of Terrorists.

One water plant in Baghdad has been the source of seven bombings because the Terrorists realize that the more of the necessities that the people get, the worse that they will do in Iraq.

Therefore, an Iraqi Army is desperately needed to assist in the defense of major Utilities, especially power.

6: All of the bases being worked on in Iraq are going to be handed over to Iraqi Forces once Democracy and Freedom are firmly established. Why should we condemn some other nation to a base that we wouldn't use?

7: Leave the Green Zone? The Green Zone is the equivalent of the Washington Mall. The main difference being that and the Washington Mall is that all of the major utilities, defense, and law enforcement facilities in Baghdad are located there.

8: Why would we build an embassy outside of the Green Zone? That would be the equivalent of building an embassy in Arlington, VA. The Green Zone is the center of Government for the Republic of Iraq.

As for building a "Normal Embassy," only Canada has an American Embassy that looks like an ordinary office building. Even the Embassy in France is heavily defended. Hell, the Embassy to Israel looks like a Medieval Castle.

9: Stop paying Blackwater, and who knows what will happen. Currently, most Private Security Forces are hired by Contractors to defend utility sites and convoys of trucks going from one place to another. remove them, and the Infrastructure of Iraq is gone.

10: No real problem here, Land Mines totally suck in my opinion. Just don't get the UN involved. Then we will never get them out of the ground. Oh, and buy lots of Mine Sniffing Rats, they are more capable then dogs, and won't set off the mines.

11: Set up NGO's to do this. No argument that we have some things we need to pay for that have not been paid for yet, but a Government Organization will not get the funds to the people. Instead it will be Bookmarked to death. If you want to get them funds and such, rely on the Conservatives to pay for it. After all, Conservatives across the board give more money to charities than liberals do. I will explain more about that on Monday.

12: We are investing in Iraqi right now. Millions of dollars are being sent to Iraq, being invested in the Dinar and Infrastructure, not to mention that Iraqi Goods are starting to be sold in American Stores. Go to Portal Iraq for more details on the economic boom going on in Iraq.

Just like with number 11, this should be done in the Private Sector because it will be free of the Red Tape that will bog it down in the Governmental Sector. Plus, it won't be earmarked to death this way.

13: The "Ugly" Blast Walls have defended Markets, Infrastructure, Governmental Buildings, and so on. All of which are targets of the Butchers of Iraq.

14: Of course we tried to defend the Oil Wells, they are the corner stones of the Iraqi Economy. Crude Oil makes up 84% of the exports from Iraq.

Now, with time on our side, we can see that maybe we should have taken better care of these sites, but at the time, we were more interested in setting up a stable Democracy in Iraq.

And again, this shoudl be done through the private sector.

15: Once again, I have no arguments, except that it should be privately run.

16: Hey, makes since here, after all, we need to help keep Democracy in Iraq

17: No, no, a thousand times NO! International Organization is nothing but a euphemism for Embezzlement Ring. If we are going to do this, we need to do it through small charity organizations, and through scholarships from the organizations to train these vital peoples.

18: These efforts are already being made. The reason that they are not succeeding is because the people who left are afraid of returning to a Fear Society, and do not wish to leave a free one.

Also, tonight I will be blogging on the major expose that Sean Hannity is going to make regarding a major Prior in the Church of Global Warming. Tune in then.

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