Sunday, September 16, 2007

Syria, Iran, and the coming of the Middle East War

Well guys, it would seem that in the Middle East, we are facing the imminent shift from a Proxy War and a full fledged one.

Currently, Syria and Israel are on the edge of war. Al this due to Israel's attempts to either confirm or deny what turkey has sent them in terms of Syria's Nuclear program.

Now, personally, I agree with the Turks, after all, they have shown that peace and stability are important, and at the same time, are not willing to betray their Muslim Brothers unless there is a major threat to the stability of the Middle East.

Also, at the same time, the UK is massing its forces along the Iran-Iraq border, ostensibly for border patrol, but possibly also to force the Iranians into a situation similar to that where they captured the Royal Navy Vessel that was operating in Iraqi waters.

We are facing the very real possibility of war in the Middle East, one unlike any other. And, as the battle Lines are drawn, I foresee the following alliances.

Israel-US-UK-Kuwait-U.A.E.-Saudi Arabia-Turkey-Lebanon-Eu vs. Iran-Syria-Arabians-Egypt-Terrorist Forces-Gaza

The very real possibility is that China and Kazakhstan could get involved, Kazakhstan on the side of the US, and the Chinese on their own side.

Guys, I have been saying this for years. WWIII is coming, and it shall be a three-way war. Here is hoping that Einstein was as wrong about WWIII's outcome as he was about his High School Algebra Tests.

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